List of Vocational Courses in Germany for Foreigners

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What is Vocational Training Courses or Ausbildung?

German professional education is known for its dual-education system that combines the classroom with on-the-practical training. The Ausbildung system lets students learn through practical work while studying and makes them highly employable after completing their studies. The vocational course in Germany is provided through training and vocational school centres, referred to as Berufsschulen. They offer various vocational training programs covering various areas, including mechanical and automotive engineering, information technology, healthcare, hospitality, office management, and tourism.

List of Top Vocational Training Courses in Germany (Ausbildung) for Foreigners

Vocational Training in Germany is essential in career development and equips people with the expertise and knowledge required to excel in their field of choice. In Germany, professional education in vocational fields is well-valued and integral to the educational system. It is the German professional education known for its dual-education system that combines the study of theory with hands-on training, ensuring that students are prepared for work. 


Vocational Training Courses in Germany
  • 10+2 with Minimum 55% Marks.
  • Must have studied science at least till 10th level
  • Must have a minimum B-1 Level of German Language certificate
  • Minimum Age 17 years and maximum 27 years
  • Students should have an aptitude for the chosen Ausbildung program.

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One of the main advantages of German vocational training offered in Germany is the coordination between industry and schools for job placement. Businesses actively participate in vocational training courses, providing apprenticeships and student training opportunities. Unlike traditional degree programs, vocational training is a job-oriented course that aligns with industry needs and is highly respected by German companies and industries.

Main Benefits

Vocational training courses in Germany equip individuals with the required abilities and skills and provide education and industry exposure. The result is that graduates are fully prepared for employment and can compete for employment. It doesn’t matter if you’re seeking a job in the automotive, IT healthcare field or hospitality sector or business, or the creative arts sector and vocational training in Germany can assist in unlocking the potential of their careers.

  1. Job-oriented training provided to students
  2. Equal importance to the Practical Training and theory classes.
  3. Ideal for students who want to start work immediately after the course.
  4. Free training programs and students are paid a stipend every month
  5. Options for working overtime
  6. Highly employable training programs
  7. NO Blocked Account Required
  8. Easy Blue Card & PR

Course Category

Ausbilung courses in Germany offer free training in various disciplines, from health care to computer science, tourism, engineering, etc. Germany allows its citizens and international students to realize their potential in the field of work through training programs. The ausbildung program of German companies covers various sectors like automotive, mechanical engineering, software and information technology, healthcare, especially nursing, hospitality and tourism, management and business, design and creative arts and several other sectors. There are many options for vocational training that meet the needs of different individuals and goals.

Popular Ausbildung Programs

Below is the list of some of the popular Ausbildung courses


  1. Nursing
  2. IT Specialist
  3. Mechatronics
  4. Physiotherapist
  5. OT Technician
  6. Dental Assistant
  7. Tool & Die Specialist
  8. Product Designers
  9. Cook
  10. Hotel Specialist
  11. Note: The list is not complete.

Higly Paid Ausbildung Courses (2024)

Below is the list of some of the highly paid best Ausbildung courses in Germany for the most in-demand industries.

Nursing and healthcare courses: The industry for healthcare is overgrowing, and vocational training courses in nursing and healthcare are highly sought-after. Students who have completed the ausbildung courses in healthcare can work as nurses, physiotherapists, health assistants, medical administrators and medical technicians according to the vocational training courses they have chosen.

Mechanical and automotive engineering courses: Germany is known for its highly developed automotive industry, and its vocational courses in mechanical and automotive engineering are sought-after. The courses offer students an excellent foundation in automotive technology, including the design of vehicles, manufacturing processes, and maintenance. The graduates of Mechanical and automotive engineering courses could be employed in various positions like mechanics, automotive technicians and production managers etc.

Courses in tourism and hospitality: Tourism and hospitality courses are highly sought-after in Germany because of the country’s reputation as a popular tourist destination. These courses cover all areas of the hospitality industry, such as restaurant management, event planning, marketing tourism, and customer service. Students of Ausbildung in hospitality are taught about the operation of hotels, food, and beverage administration, planning events, and the latest trends in tourism.

Ausbildung Duration
Most Vocational training programs in Germany are 3 to 3.5 years. 

How Much Can Students Earn During Training?

All types of vocational training courses offer students a stipend (salary) during the training. The stipend amount company offers to students depends on Ausbildung categories and companies. However, in general, Ausbildung trainees receive a stipend in the range of 750 to 1500 EURO ( RS……….)each month during the training period. 

Earning Potential after Training 

Once the course is completed successfully, Ausbildung graduates get a starting salary from 2700 EUR to 4400 EUR  depending on their field, location etc. 

Services Offered by Global Consultants

  1. Eligibility Check
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  3.  Guidance for preparing your CV in German
  4. German Translation of documents
  5.  Recognition of your qualification in Germany.
  6.   On Arrival support
  7.  Arranging accommodation in Germany
  8.  VISA Documentation Process
  9.  Mock Interview 
  10. Arranging interviews with German company representatives
  11. Insurance & Flight
  12.  Assistance for SIM card & Opening a bank account n Germany


We offer assistance for job placement in Germany as well as other European countries

  • Guidance for Blue card and Permanent Residency in Germay
  • Guidance for dependant visas.


* Important Point

We offer assistance for job placement in Germany as well as other European countries

  1. Guidance for Blue card and Permanent Residency in Germany
  2. Guidance for dependant visas.


  1. Job placement support depends on the candidate’s profile, language proficiency, experience and adaptability.
  2. Job placement and minimum wages will be based on the country’s labour laws and industry standards.
  3. Global Consultants will provide guidance, and the candidate has to manage other things related to job placement and salary.


  1. Indian students selected for Ausbildung require a visa to travel to Germany and join the training program.
  2. German language proficiency is mandatory to get an Ausbildung visa.
  3. Students who clear the VISA interview will get a Schengen VISA allowing them to travel to 26 Schengen countries and explore all countries.

*Note: VISA rules are subject to change, so please visit the German Embassy website for updated visa rules.


  1. Germany is one of the wealthiest countries in the world and the backbone of the European economy
  2. The ausbildung program is open to students from all countries
  3. Germany is the 4th largest economy in the world.
  4. German is one of the world’s most popular languages and the official language of Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein, besides Germany.
  5. German is the most spoken language in Europe
  6. German passport is considered one of the world’s strongest passports, which allows visa-free travel to many countries.

How Can We Help?

Contact us for assistance and guidance if you want to join a Vocational Training Course in Germany. We offer German language courses at our institute in Kerala and provide hostel facilities for students interested in German language training. We also offer German online classes and free job assistance for trained nurses in Germany, Engineers, Dentists, Hotel Management Graduates, Diploma holders, and other professionals. (Fresher’s and Experienced) For more information, please send your inquiry or contact us now. You can also contact us for study in Australia, UK , Canada and other study abroad programs.


Ausbildung Courses in Germany- FAQ

Q1: What are the eligibility criteria to do Ausbildung in Germany?

Generally, those that have completed the 12th level education in India can apply for German Ausbildung programs. The students from non-German-speaking countries should also have a German language level certificate stipulated by the particular companies providing Ausbildung courses in Germany.

Q2: Is it easy to get admission to vocational training in Germany?
The admission process to vocational training programs in Germany depends on various aspects. Admission criteria for particular Ausbildung programs may be more competitive, and others could offer more opportunities. For non-European applicants, proficiency in the German language plays a vital role in the selection process.

Q3: How much does Ausbildung cost in Germany?
In contrast to higher education in universities, Ausbildung within Germany is provided free of cost without charging any tuition fee. Moreover, students are paid a monthly stipend in the range of 800 EURO to 1500 EURO depending on the category of Ausbildung programs.

Q4: Are the Ausbildung courses offered in Germany free to foreign students?
Yes. All vocational training programs are open to International students and provided free of cost without any tuition fee.

Q5: What is the minimum maximum age for Ausbildung?
There is not a specific age limit on Ausbildung within Germany. It is nevertheless important to remember that most people begin their training immediately after completing their compulsory education, usually between the ages of 16 and 25.


Vocational training in Germany plays a significant aspect of career development and equips people with the expertise and knowledge required to succeed in their field of choice. In Germany, professional education in vocational fields is well-valued and vital to the educational system. This German educational system for vocational training (Ausbildung)is renowned for its dual-education system, which combines theory-based learning and practical instruction, ensuring that students are adequately prepared for work immediately after completing their studies.

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