11 Countries for Easy PR

Are you considering living abroad? Do you want to experience a different culture or explore new opportunities? If so, obtaining permanent residency is crucial for those wishing to stay long-term. Below are the possibilities for obtaining permanent residency in 11 countries.


PR Friendly Countries for International Students

As of May 2023, Canada is the number one country for getting easy PR (Permanent Residency). Those who wish to become Canadian citizens must first obtain permanent residency. For people looking for Easy PR countries, Canada offers multiple pathways to permanent residency, such as the Express Entry system, which ranks applicants based on their skills and qualifications. Additionally, the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) allows provinces to nominate individuals for permanent residency who meet their specific requirements.

United Kingdom

The UK also has a point-based system called the Tier 2 visa program that prioritizes highly-skilled workers with job offers in fields experiencing shortages. The Tier 1 visa program requires applicants to obtain a job offer, complete 5 years in the country, and complete other requirements to apply for the PR. After Canada, the UK is the most PR-friendly country, allowing foreign students to apply for PR easily. The main criteria are a valid job offer and 5 years’ stay in the country.


Germany offers various options for obtaining permanent residency, including employment or family reunification. The most common pathway is through skilled workers with job offers in high-demand fields like engineering or I.T. Applicants must also meet language proficiency and financial requirements. In May 2023 German Government announced its draft immigration policy that recommends citizenship to foreign nationals after completing 3 or 5 years in Germany instead of the current 8 years. The draft also suggests dual citizenship for skilled immigrants in Germany. Read more about German free study programs.


If you are searching for the best PR friendly countries for International students then think about Australia. The country has several immigration programs for students and workers seeking permanent residence, including the point-based Skilled Independent Visa and Skilled Nominated Visa programs, both of which require applicants to have certain skills and qualifications. Other options include business visas and family sponsorship. In 2023, the Australian government announced several immigrant-friendly policies, including extending post-study work permit to 5 years after completing the study.


Poland is one of the easy PR countries in Europe that allow both skilled and non-skilled workers to settle in the country after fulfilling certain requirements. Poland has several programs designed to help foreign nationals obtain permanent residency easily. The most popular is the Business Immigration Program which allows foreign entrepreneurs to establish themselves in Poland by starting new enterprises or expanding existing businesses.


Italy offers various pathways to acquire a long-term resident permit:

  • E.U. Blue Card for highly qualified professionals
  • Self-employment permits
  • Work permits
  • Student permits
  • Family reunion permits

To acquire permanent residency, the applicant must have possessed a temporary permit for at least five years.


Finland is one of the top PR friendly countries for foreign job seekers. Finland provides various options for obtaining permanent residency, including employment and study. The most common pathway is the residence permit for employed persons, where the applicant must have secured a job in Finland before applying.


Norway has several routes to obtain permanent residency, such as family reunification and work visas. Applicants can also gain permanent residency through skilled worker programs or investing in a Norwegian business.


Sweden offers different ways for individuals to obtain permanent residence, including through work or family reunification. Skilled workers with job offers can apply for the Work Permit program, while students can apply for a Residence Permit after completing their studies.

New Zealand

New Zealand offers various immigration programs that lead to permanent residencies, like the Skilled Migrant Category Visa and Investor Visa programs. The Skilled Migrant Category Visa considers factors such as age, education level, work experience, and English language proficiency of applicants, while the investor visa program requires a minimum investment of NZ$10 million.


Malta offers many opportunities for foreign nationals who want to reside permanently on its shores. Individuals can qualify via any of these categories: Global Residence Program; Malta Retirement Program; Highly Qualified Person Rules; Malta Entrepreneur Rules.


The U.S. provides several routes for obtaining temporary or permanent residency through employer sponsorship, family connections, and investment visas like EB-5. However, due to the complex nature of U.S. immigration laws and policies, obtaining permanent residency without an experienced attorney’s guidance can be challenging.

Final Thoughts: This post about PR Friendly Countries for International Students has been useful to you. Please remember that each country has unique rules and policies regarding permanent residency requirements. It is essential to research and understand each country’s immigration laws before making any commitments towards moving there permanently. 

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