Are you an Indian student planning to study in Australia? Have you considered the courses available, universities, and job prospects after completion? Australian study programs are renowned for their high quality and job oriented approach. Research opportunities are plentiful, and many institutions offer student work placements in their curriculum. Being one of the top Australia Education Consultants in Kerala you can contact us to get a better understanding of studying in Australia. 


Top Universities in Australia

Australia is known for its top educational institutions and their research. The country has many types of universities to accommodate different categories of students.

 Some of the top universities in Australia include

    • The University of Melbourne

    • Australian National University

    • University of Sydney

    • University of Queensland

Australia Education Consultants in Kerala


Documents Required for Australian Student Visa

    1. Original Passport with minimum 6 months validity

    1. 8 Passport Size Photos

    1. Offer letter from an approved University/College in Australia

    1. English Language Proficiency Certificate (IELTS/TOEFL etc)

    1. All Education Certificates & Transcripts

    1. Experience Certificates if any

    1. Proof of  funds to support your education and expenses in Australia

    1. PCC from Passport Office

    1. Health and Travel Insurance

    1. Original Fee Receipts

Study Visa Process

The process of obtaining an Australian student visa from India involves several steps.

Listed below are the steps for Australia Student Visa for Indian students.

Step 1: Choose the institution to study and apply

Step 2: Get an admission letter or Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE) from an approved institution in Australia.

Step 3:

    • Step A:Visit the Australian Embassy in India website.

    • Step B:Download the student visa application form.

    • Step C:Fill out the application form and submit the form online.

    • Step D:Pay the visa application fee.

    • Step E:Provide all documents like proof of funds, insurance, and IELTS/TOEFL certificates.

Step 4: Provide biometric information at TT Centre

Step 5: Attend the interview if required.

Step 6: Wait for the visa decision. If your visa is approved, you can travel to Australia to start your studies. 
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Where to Submit the Visa Application & Biometric Information?

Students planning to study can submit their study visa application through TT Services Kochi Visit

TT Kochi Office: 39/4130, 1st Floor, Mareena Building, Ravipuram, M.G. Road, Cochin – 682016, Ph: 0484 – 4029660, Email:

Post Study Work Permit Rules in Australia

The newly implemented enhanced Post Study Work Permit Rules in Australia allow international students to stay back in the country for up to 5 years after completing their studies. The five years PSW is an excellent opportunity for students who wish to gain work experience and explore career opportunities in Australia. The five-year PSW rule is not applicable to all courses and is subject to certain conditions, such as the program selected by the students and the duration of their studies. Overall, the PSW rules in Australia assure students to find a job and stay in the country for a long time and more if they find a job offer from an employer and eventually apply for Permanent Residency.

Courses that help students get easy Jobs & PR in Australia

Several study programs can help students get easy jobs in Australia during and after completing their studies. Some courses that can help students get easy jobs in Australia include nursing, information technology, accounting, and engineering. As of 2023, finding a job is relatively easy for students who graduated in these courses. If you have plans to settle in Australia after studying, the above programs will help to secure a stable career and Permanent Residency (P.R) in Australia.

Major Scholarships for International Students

Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship: The Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship is open only for international students without residency in Australia who want to pursue postgraduate studies. Endeavour Scholarships have fully funded grants with no repayment obligations necessary once the term ends. It offers benefits such as travel allowance along with full tuition fees coverage provided by the Government of Australia. In addition, those who receive this scholarship can avail of disability insurance coverage, medical insurance coverage and access to an alumni network loaded with different career opportunities across multiple specializations tailored for scholars from India studying abroad in Australia.

Private Sponsorships: Private sponsorships also provide grants or even senior executive positions providing financial aid or research stipends targeted explicitly at international students from India looking to study post-graduation programs at universities across Australia. These generous sponsorships ease up the overall cost of living and education expenses, offering added convenience when studying abroad in a foreign country far away from the homeland when funding becomes difficult due to limited resources at hand or even due to inadequate structural support systems within home countries like India that fail to facilitate success abroad.


Part Time Job for Students

Are you looking for the prospects of getting a job while studying or after graduation in Australia? Australian student visa rules allow students to work during their study period, which will help them get some work experience in the Australian atmosphere and cover some of their expenses. As per the present Australian study visa rules, foreign students can work part-time on a student visa for up to 40 hours every two weeks. During breaks and long vocations, students can work without restrictions on the number of hours.


Job Prospects After Study

Australia has several job opportunities for fresh graduates. More than half a million international students in Australian universities easily find jobs in their chosen fields due to the shortage of skilled employees in many areas. Over 90% of these students quickly secure employment after finishing their studies. If you are searching for a country to study overseas to settle after your studies, Australia is one of the best options.


Study in Australia -FAQ

    • 1. Is IELTS mandatory to study in Australia?
      Yes, most universities and colleges require an IELTS score as proof of English proficiency.

    • 2. Is Australia an expensive country to study in?
      Compared toUK, Germany, and Canada, the cost of education in Australia is more expensive. But it is much lower than the tuition fees charges by the US universities.

    • 3.Is Australia an excellent country to settle in?
      Of course, Australia is an excellent country to settle in, with a high standard of living and a welcoming culture.

    • 4. What is the post-study work permit rule in Australia?
      Australia’s post-study work permit policy allows international students to stay and work for up to five years after graduation, making it a more attractive destination than other countries, like the UK and Canada that offer PSW (Post study work permit) for two years only.

    • 5. Which are the best Australia Consultants in Kerala for Nurses?
      Australia is the dream destination of Kerala nurses due to the high salary, work-life balance, and weather similar to Kerala (in some regions). As countries like the UK, New Zealand, and Canada are known for extreme winter, most Kerala nurses prefer to settle in Australia because of its moderate temperature. So if you are looking for the best study in Australia consultants in Kerala for nurses, contact Global Educational Consultants, a leading Australian nursing consultancy in Kerala.

    • 6. How much do Australia Education consultants in Kerala charge?
      Study in Australia consultants does not charge any fee for most Australian study programs from students. However, it depends on the study program you want to join. Global educational consultants do not charge any fee for study in Australia guidance and admission assistance.


Tips for Indian Students Studying in Australia

Studying in Australia is expensive compared to the UK and some European countries. But it is highly rewarding for career building, Post study work permit (Up to 5 years after studies) and PR. 

The below tips may help you if Australia is your destination for higher studies.

    1. Research the Courses: Australia offers various courses, so you must check that the qualifications match your career aspirations. Also, consider the cost and availability of tuition assistance when considering your course options.

    1. Know Your Rights: Ensure you read and understand any paperwork related to your studies, including student visa requirements and scholarship applications. Also, check for any regulations regarding international student rights, including working hours restrictions or cultural norms that could affect how you live in Australia during your studies.

    1. Get Organized: Good time management skills will help keep stress down and ensure that studying is manageable and enjoyable! Invest in a good diary or calendar app to keep track of important deadlines and contact information for any organizations or contacts related to your course choice.

    1. Connect with Other Students: Being part of an online study group or joining a student society at university can help develop relationships with other students in Australia as well as internationally-based alum networks – it’s always good to have people around who understand what you’re going through!

    1. Exploring Opportunities: There are plenty of opportunities available for further learning beyond just classroom teaching – you can join language classes attend workshops and internships etc., these will help improve your job prospects once you’ve completed your studies in Australia!

How Australia Education Consultants in Kerala Help Students?

Studying in Australia Education Consultants in Kerala can help students in many ways.
Most importantly, Consultancies can help streamline the entire Australi study abroad process.
Firstly, Education consultancies can help you get a general idea about various study abroad programs, the cost involved, part-time jobs available during and after the course, the visa process, etc.

Secondly, consultancy services can help you shortlist suitable courses and institutes based on your skills, career goals, and academic interests. They can also give you the proper knowledge about the best universities to pursue these courses.

Thirdly, consultancy services can assist in finalizing essential documents such as SOP, LOR, and CVs. They can help edit, format, and review these documents to ensure they are of the highest quality.

Finally, consultancy services can provide various miscellaneous services such as visa interview preparation, education loan advice, scholarship guidance, and more. If you are concerned about Australia’s education cost , a student loan can cover these expenses. Global Educational’s loan counsellors for study abroad will help students get overseas funding for abroad education for all countries. 


Final Thoughts:
Australian education consultants in Kerala Kochi Ernakulam provide reliable and trustworthy services to students. With the help of these consultants, students can easily get admission to top universities in Australia and achieve their career goals.

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