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Are you considering pursuing your higher education in Italy? Italy has become a popular study-abroad destination for students globally, with a vibrant culture, high-ranked universities, and affordable tuition fees. However, getting through the application process and paperwork can seem intimidating if you need proper guidance. This is where dedicated Italy Study Abroad consultants in Kerala can help you fulfill your study abroad ambitions smoothly and help you to study free in Italy with a scholarship. This post explains how Italy Education Consultants in Kerala can help you study in Italy for free with a scholarship.

Benefits of Choosing Italy Education Consultants

Best consultancy for study in Italy 

As an international student unsure about the Italian education landscape, it is wise to use the services of a study abroad consultant right from the research stage. An experienced consultant like Global Educational provides:

  • Up-to-date information on top universities, eligibility criteria, application deadlines, visa process
  • Guidance on selecting the suitable courses and universities aligned with your interests
  • Assistance with documentation – SOPs, LORs, resumes, etc tailored for Italian universities
  • Seamless application submission process – form filling, optimizing chances of admit
  • Help with scholarship applications to fund your education
  • Accommodation assistance in Italy
  • Post-arrival help with banking, healthcare, transport, etc.
  • Italy study abroad consultants Whether you are looking to pursue a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate degree, professional courses, or just an exchange program – specialized Italy study consultants have in-depth expertise that can benefit you immensely.

Finding the Study in Italy Consultants

You need not restrict yourself only to local consultants in your city. Thanks to the availability of online consultation, you now have easy access to some of the most experienced Italy study abroad consultants located in pan-India and globally. Reputed consultants invest in keeping themselves updated with the latest immigration and education policies in Italy to guide each student aptly.

Why Study in Italy?

Worldwide Recognition of Degrees: The government supports Universities in Italy to ensure global standards. Degrees are recognized internationally, increasing employability prospects.


Affordable Quality Education: Compared to the UK and US, tuition fees for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees are lower without compromising education quality. The total cost of studying in Italy is £8000-£12000 annually.


Scholarship Opportunities: Both universities and external organizations offer scholarships for academically brilliant students, even with financial constraints. More details are covered subsequently.


Exposure to New Culture: Italy offers a vibrant cosmopolitan environment blending ancient culture and modern outlook that shapes young minds.

Gain Global Perspective: Classrooms have a diverse mix of nationalities. You can build perspective about world issues while building a network of friends globally.

Education System in Italy

Italy has a strong network of public and private higher education institutions. Some key features:

  • The academic year is from October to June and is divided into two semesters.
  • The main qualification types are Laurea/ Laurea Magistrale (undergraduate/postgraduate), Diplomas, and Doctorates in Research.
  • The medium of instruction in degrees is Italian. But now, many technical degrees are offered in English to attract international students.
  • Both public and private accredited universities have high teaching standards.
  • Part-time employment is allowed for EU students; non-EU students require a permit.
  • Post-study work permit of 1 year for job search after graduation
Scholarships for International Students

Free Education in Italy for International Students Italy offers merit-based and need-based scholarships to support international students. 

The range of available scholarships includes: 

University Merit Scholarships: For academically outstanding students, waived or reduced tuition fees.

Italian Government Scholarships – Covers part of tuition and living expenses – for undergraduate, postgraduate, research, and Italian language degrees

External Organization Scholarships – Organizations like Uni-Italia Sapienza University offer scholarships based on student profile and academics.

Scholarship for economically weaker students

Scholarship for economically weaker students in Italy for International students Need-based scholarships are specifically aimed to make quality higher education in Italy accessible even for students facing financial hardship. These include:

Invest Your Talent Scholarships – Covers tuition fees and living costs for deserving students.

Education Aid Scholarship: Provides free university enrollment to students from poor backgrounds.

Erasmus Mundus Scholarships – Funded by European Commission for UG, Masters and Doctoral students

So, while Italy presents an exciting and enriching study abroad avenue, the application process can only get overwhelming with guidance. Trust specialized study in Italy consultants in Kerala to help you realize your goal of gaining international qualification – they are your friends along the journey to achieve study abroad success.

If you belong to economically weaker sections( Annual Income below 21 Lakh), Contact us for Free study in Italy Programs.

How Can We Help You to Study in Italy Free?

Are you considering studying in Italy? Look no further than Global Educational, one of the leading Study Abroad Consultants in Kerala. Our team of specialists assists hundreds of students seeking educational programs in Europe. We provide free educational programs and help students obtain study abroad scholarships. Our counselors have extensive knowledge about Italy’s scholarship requirements and are experienced in scholarship application procedures and study visa documentation. If you’re searching for Italy education consultants in Kerala, contact us for details and student visa assistance.

We are among the top Italy Study Abroad Consultants in Kerala that offer guidance for free education and Scholarships for students from economically poor backgrounds ( The annual income of the students or parents must be below Rs 21 lakh to apply for the Scholarship. Marks are not the main criteria for this scholarship)


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Italy Study Visa Requirements

  • Valid Passport
  • Admission Offer Letter from any approved Italian University
  • 7 Passport Size Photos
  • IELTS/TOEFL Score Card
  • All Educational Certificates starting from 1oth Class
  • Work Experience – If any
  • Visa Fee Receipt

For English-taught programs – IELTS/TOEFL scores are required by most universities. You may require Italian language proof like CILS/Celi for Italian-taught degrees.

The average tuition fee for MBA programs in Italy is €7000-€15000 per year. The total cost, including living expenses, is roughly €25,000 annually. But there are options for free education and Scholarships for poor students.

Non-EU international students can work up to 20 hours per week with an applicable permit. During summer breaks, students can work full-time.

Some leading names for MS degrees are – Politecnico di Milano, Polytechnic University of Turin, and Sapienza University of Rome, among others.


I hope this article helped you gain insight into the Italy study abroad programs and scholarships for low-income students! Take advantage of reliable consultancy services for an efficient application journey. If you are searching for study in Italy consultants in Kerala, contact us now for assistance.

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