With more working professionals keen to pursue research, Many Indian universities have started offering part-time PhD programs for working professionals. Part-time Ph.D. programs provide an opportunity for a growing number of professionals to do PhD while working. PhD while working is an excellent option to do research in their chosen field without leaving their jobs.



part-time PhD programs for working professionals


What is Part-time PhD?

In a Part-time PhD course, the applicant is not required to live on campus for a full time. The course and research is conducted in conjunction with ongoing job. The classes and labs are scheduled at the weekends, evenings or short periods. The length of the PhD course is generally three years in most of the universities in India.





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Part-Time PhD Courses

Numerous renowned institutes offer part-time PhD opportunities across various disciplines, such as:

Computer Science: 

Reputed technology institutes like IITs, NITs, IIITs, and private universities like Hindustan, SRM ,Vels University Chennai etc, offer a full-time PhD with Computer Science specializations like Machine Learning, Data Science, AI, Information Security, etc.


 The top business schools such as IIMs, IMI Delhi, and SPJIMR Mumbai and mnay other universities offer part-time doctoral degrees in fields such as Finance Strategy, Marketing, Operations and more.

Part-time Ph.D. in Nursing: 

Reputed institutions such as AIIMS Delhi, AFMC Pune, and many colleges at Erode, Coimbatore, and Chennai, etc, offer part-time PhD courses in Nursing. The areas of research include healthcare for communities, community health policy, education in nursing, etc.

Part-time PhD in Psychology: 

Institutes like NIMHANS Bengaluru, TISS Mumbai, and Central Universities facilitate part-time PhD in Psychology areas of specialization such as Clinical Psychology, Child Psychology, Organizational Behavior, etc.

Part-time PhD in Pharmacology: 

Part-time PhD. in Pharmacology, pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmacy Practice, Pharmacognosy etc  is offered by various collges at Erode, Coimbatore and Chennai.

Part-time Doctoral Studies in Social Work: 

Institutes like TISS Mumbai or the Delhi School of Social Work allow part-time research in gender studies, public policy, and social justice.

Part-time PhD in Yoga:

SVYASA Bangalore, Vels University Tamil Nadu (NAAC Accredited) facilitate part-time PhD in Yoga Therapy Yoga Therapy, Yoga Sciences, Consciousness Studies, meditation, and more.

Part-time PhD programs in Astrology: 

BHU Varanasi, and Vels University Tamil Nadu provide part-time PhD programs that are interdisciplinary in Astrology that connect it with the sciences of astronomy, mathematics, philosophy and more.

Part-time Doctoral Program with a focus on Human Rights:

Reputed centres such as NLSIU Bangalore, NLU Delhi, and WBNUJS Kolkata offer part-time PhDs in areas such as refugee rights and constitutional law or prevention of torture.

Part -Time PhD Law: 

Law National Law Universities like NLSIU Bangalore, NALSAR Hyderabad, and GNLU Gandhinagar allow part-time Ph.D.s in criminal law, corporate law, cyber law, law of the land etc.


Institutes such as IGIDR Mumbai, MSE Chennai, and Gokhale Institute Pune offer part-time Ph.D. programs in Applied Economics, Econometrics, Public Policy, etc.

Data Science: 

IITs, IISc, TCS Research, and IIT Bangalore, Hindustan University, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Bharathiar University, Anna University, Vels University etc,allow professionals to pursue a part-time PhD in Data Science, focusing on machine learning algorithms, analytical modelling and predictive models, etc.

Part-time PhDs in Engineering: 

IITs, NITs, IIITs, and top universities like Hindustan University, SRM, MGR, and Anna University etc offer part-time PhDs in Engineering disciplines such as Computer Science, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Electronics etc.


The top business schools like IIM Calcutta, IIT Bombay, and IFMR Chennai, Vels University, SRM university, Hindustan University, , MGR University etc  offer part-time doctoral degrees in finance that cover key fields like Valuation, Financial Econometrics and more.

Part-time PhD in Mathematics:

Part-time PhD in Mathematics that covers Algebra, Analysis, and Applied Mathematics is provided through IITs, ISI Kolkata, CMI Chennai, Hindustan University, MGR University, Vels University, Aanna University, Madurai Kama raj University etc.

Part-time PhD in Geography: 

Institutions such as JNU Delhi, BHU Varanasi, and the University of Madras offer part-time Ph.D.s in Geography areas of specialization like Geo-informatics Environmental Studies as well.

Part-time PhD after MBA: 

Top B-schools like IIMs, MDI Gurgaon, NMIMS Mumbai, Hindustan University, MGR University, Anna University etc provide the possibility of pursuing a part-time PhD following the completion of MBA coursework.


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These reputable institutes offer part-time Ph.D programs in many more subjects that can benefit professionals who work. These programs permit research while employed. Contact us for part time PhD in your chosen subjects and admission guidance.


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The criteria for obtaining part-time PhD admissions are:

    • Master’s degree with a specialization relevant to the field with at least 55 per cent marks. There is a 5% concession in marks for reserved category students.

    • Exams that qualify for entrance to the national level, such as GATE, NET and so on or institutional level.

    • A solid academic record and research potential

    • Work experience relevant to the job of 2-3 years may be required in certain institutions. But it is not mandatory for all.


Part-time PhD admissions are competitive due to the availability of seats being limited. The application process includes:

    • Find institutes that offer a Part-time PhD in the area of interest you prefer.

    • Examine eligibility criteria for education, work experience, etc.

    • Prepare for the National or institute stage entrance exam such as UGC NET. Some universities conduct their own entrance tests for admissions to PhD courses.

    • Candidates who have been shortlisted are invited to an interview round.

    • Final selections are based on an excellent academic record, a relevant job profile, research capability and more.

    • Admission confirmation and verification of documents.


    • Part-time PhDs are designed to allow working professionals to take advantage of:

    • The classes are scheduled on the weekend, in late evenings, or with short durations

    • Less course load as compared to a full-time program

    • An additional year may be required for the dissertation to be completed. But it depends on the institution.

    • Flexible access to labs and facilities outside of regular hours

    • Learning options online that combine online lectures and in-person sessions

    • External industry guides, as well as internal faculty supervisors

    • Option to take a paid semester off to concentrate on milestones in research.


    • Part-time PhD requirements for completion are similar to those for a full-time degree:

    • Completion of prescribed coursework and obtaining the minimum CGPA

    • Pass a qualifying test or an entrance exam

    • Research synopsis, and then seek approval of the ethics committee.

    • Perform extensive research under the supervision of a supervisor.

    • Research papers should be published in peer-reviewed journals

    • Final dissertation due by the guidelines of the institute

    • Present research findings in front of the review committee.


Achieving a Ph.D. part-time offers many advantages for professionals who work:

    • There is no need to take time off to study or take a sabbatical from work

    • Income source remains intact during PhD tenure

    • Utilize your professional network and resources of the industry for your research

    • PhD degree helps advance career in current job

    • Develop expertise in specific technologies that are useful to employers.

    • Learn advanced research skills while juggling duties at work

    • Aspirations to academic excellence, but without any career interruption

Part-time doctoral programs allow working professionals to earn the most prestigious academic degree while gaining exposure to the business world.


Doctoral programs for working professionals are now increasingly popular options for those who want to improve their academic qualifications while employed. The most reputable institutions provide the support and infrastructure that allows part-time students to conduct high-quality research. However, careful time management is crucial to managing work obligations in addition to PhD obligations

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University Grants Commission (UGC) has laid out the instructions for those who are enrolled in full-time PhD programs:

    • The duration of the course is relaxed to 2-3 semesters for part-time students.

    • A comprehensive exam that can be cleared in 2-4 semesters following the course

    • Part-time students can submit their thesis within 2-4 years after the date of registration

    • The time limit can be extended to six years for female applicants

    • Conversions between part-time and full-time status are allowed

    • The mandatory six-month residence requirement for access to facilities.


Looking for Online PhD Courses? As per the UGC Circular 2022, Online Ph.D. programs are not recognized by the UGC. So, the online doctorate programs will not have any legal validity in India.



Below is the list of some of the best Universities/Colleges offering Part-time PhD courses in various states in India with details on the location, duration, fees, and other information.

University/Institute Location Duration Fees in INR/Year Other Details
Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi New Delhi 4-5 years 10,000-20,000 Entrance exam required, STEM research areas
University of Delhi New Delhi 4-5 years 5,000-15,000 Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences focus
Anna University Chennai 4-6 years 30,000-50,000 Engineering and Tech disciplines
Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi 5 years 1,000-5,000 Public policy, languages, international relations
Panjab University Chandigarh 3-5 years 10,000-30,000 STEM, humanities, management
Bharathiar University Coimbatore 3-5 years 30,000-50,000 Arts, sciences, education
University of Hyderabad Hyderabad 4-5 years 5,000-20,000 Broad mix of disciplines
Madurai Kamaraj University Madurai 4-5 years 10,000-25,000 Sciences, humanities, management
Bharathidasan University Tiruchirappalli 4-6 years 10,000-25,000 Mix of arts, sciences, engineering
Jamia Hamdard University New Delhi 3-5 years 20,000-35,000 Pharmacy, medical sciences
SRM Institute of Science and Technology Chennai 4-6 years 50,000-80,000 Engineering, sciences, humanities
Indian Institute of Science Bengaluru 4-6 years 20,000-40,000 Research in sciences, engineering
Jadavpur University Kolkata 4-5 years 10,000-20,000 Arts, engineering, sciences
Vels University Chennai Tamilnadu 3-5 years 50,000-1 lakh Chemistry, Physcis, engineering, management, Economics, Computer Science etc
Bharathiar University Coimbatore 3-5 years 30,000-50,000 Arts, sciences, education
Madurai Kamaraj University Madurai- Tamilnadu 4-5 years 10,000-25,000 Sciences, humanities, management
SRM Institute of Science and Technology Chennai 4-6 years 50,000-80,000 Engineering, sciences, humanities, Chemistry, AI etc
Dr MGR University Chennai 3-5 years 60,000-80,000 Health sciences, Physiotherapy, engineering, management, Psychology, Nursing
Tamil Nadu Dr MGR Medical University Chennai 4-5 years 35,000-40,000 Medical and allied sciences
Annamalai University Annamalai nagar 3-5 years 20,000-40,000 Broad mix of disciplines
Bharath University Chennai 3-5 years 50,000-60,000 Management, sciences, arts
Hindustan University Chennai 3-5 years 50,000-1 lakh Engineering, sciences, humanities

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Q1. Are part-time PhDs valid in India?
Yes, Part-time Doctorate is recognized by the UGC and AICTE.

Q2. What are the eligibility criteria for a part-time Ph.D.?

A master’s degree in a similar subject with a minimum of 55% percentage marks is the minimum criteria to apply for Part-time Ph.D. programs. Some universities require work experience.

Q3. What is the time required to finish a Part-time PhD in India?

Part-time PhDs in India generally last for between 4-5 years. But, this varies according to institution and topic.

Q4. Are part-time PhDs from India recognized?

Part-time PhDs from recognized Indian institutions are approved by UGC/AICTE  and are recognized as comparable with full-time doctoral degrees.

5. Which are the best part-time PhD colleges in Chennai?

Some of the top part-time colleges in Chennai include IIT Madras, Anna University, Vels University, Dr MGR University, etc. 


6.What are the best colleges in Chennai for a part-time PhD in computer science?

IIT Madras, Anna University, SRM and Vels University are among the top institutions offering Part-time PhD in Computer Science in Chennai. VIT Vellore and SRM are among the top colleges for Part time PhD in Tamilnadu State. (Private Colleges)

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